Foreign state involvement in anticompetitive conduct, OTKA workshop

Foreign state involvement in anticompetitive conduct, OTKA workshop 

11 October 2016

4.00 pm


You are cordially invited to our next workshop, which will be held on Tuesday, 11th of October, from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm on "Foreign state involvement in anticompetitive conduct". This is the research area of our guest speaker, Marek Martyniszyn, Lecturer in Law at Queen's University, Belfast.

"Transnational competition cases pose numerous challenges— from accessing foreign-based evidence to effectively enforcing decisions or judgments in their aftermath. Furthermore, some of such cases are quite special in that the underlying anticompetitive conduct involves or implicates a foreign State." - Marek Martyniszyn

During our workshop you are going to get answers to the following questions:
  • How a State may be entangled in an antitrust case in a foreign jurisdiction?
  • How such entanglement can be addressed in the adversely affected forum?
  • What are the broader considerations relating to such state involvement?



Pázmány Péter Catholic University

Budapest Szentkiráyi u. 28.

Council Room


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